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Topics: Carbon dioxide, Greenhouse gas, Global warming Pages: 3 (664 words) Published: October 7, 2014
20 John Angelo Luis Adra Hidrosollo September 12 , 2014
Grade 7 – CMiss Imee Masilungan
The Greenhouse Effect
The greenhouse effect is the thermal radiation from the planetary surface absorbed by the atmospheric gases. It is radiated in all direction. It is also the trapping of heat near the earth’s surface. Without the greenhouse effect the earth would be much colder at around 33 degrees Celsius . All bodies of water on earth would be frozen.

The greenhouse effect occurs when the solar radiation is absorbed by the atmospheric gases and then is directed back toward the earth, so therefore moist is absorbed. It is also a natural occurence that keeps the earth from freezing over. However according to some researchers are gases are used by human would increase the greenhouse effect. Changes in temperature can cause also changes in weather patterns, geography and biology. There are different contributors to Greenhouse Effect:

1. Water vapour from 36 - 70 %.
2. Carbon dioxide has 9 – 26 %
3. Methane is around 4 – 9 %
4. Ozone has 3 – 7 %
If there are gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect there also non-gas contributor to the greenhouse effect on earth like clouds that absorb and emit infrared radiation that affect the radiative properties of the atmosphere . Water vapour also contribute to the greenhouse effect . Increased in temperature results in a relatively high presence of water vapor in the atmosphere . Another is carbon dioxide , this gas is present in a small amount naturally , urbanization , industrial revolution and other human activities . They contribute to the level of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere . 9 – 26 % is the amount of carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere . Methane is also present to both natural and anthropogenic sources . Manure of domesticated livestock is one of the major natural contributors to the greenhouse effect . Methane contributes at around 4 – 9 % to the greenhouse effect...
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