Language Barriers

Topics: Education, Question, High school Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: October 31, 2013
Essay #2: Language Barriers

Almost everyone in life has some sort of language barrier when it comes to school. It can be not participating or asking question in class, using too much slang when it comes to writing a professional paper or not being able to understand the teacher or professor. With these language barriers, it can hinder a student’s learning ability to move further in class. First, when a student has a teacher with a strong accent, it can affect their learning a lot. When I was in high school, I had a teacher who was from China. He was extremely smart, but when it came to learning the material from him, I found it difficult and at times frustrating. I would have to teach myself the material from the homework, and when I got my tests back, I would have to go to another teacher to explain the problems that I got wrong. When a student cannot understand their teacher, it makes it harder for them to understand what they are teaching and can have a dramatic effect to their grade. Nowadays everyone texts, uses instant message, Facebook messages, and emails using slang. Since we are so used to a certain “language” when we use those ways of communication, when it comes to writing a formal paper it becomes hard for our minds to adapt to that style of writing. Using slang does not help broaden our minds and vocabulary. Lastly, when a student is in a class and they don’t ask questions or participate in class discussions, it can be a bad outlook on them to their teacher and be a bad outcome on their grade. In my IB social anthropology class in high school, my teacher would always shut students down when they tried to answer questions in class. Seeing that everyday made me scared to speak out in class, whether it was during a class discussion or just answering a question. I had a lot of smart classmates in that class as well, which made me even more nervous to participate. As the year went on, I could tell that my grade was dropping, not dramatically,...
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