Addressing Language Diversity In The Classroom

Topics: Education Pages: 7 (1754 words) Published: March 18, 2016
Samantha Meyer
ELED 320
Argumentative essay

Addressing language diversity in the classroom

Elementary teachers are finding it more and more common to have diverse classrooms filled with students who have disabilities as well as students who come from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Children are more likely to speak a language different than English before starting school. This can be a challenge for teachers to accommodate with in the classroom. Teachers should use several different strategies in order to meet every students needs on an individual level in a successful way. In order for teachers to effectively teach a diverse classroom, students need to have an individual teaching plan, students’ families should be involved, cultural learning should be implemented in the curriculum and students should be encouraged to speak and write in their first language. Every student is different and has diverse qualities about them. Language can be a huge barrier in the classroom. It is important for teachers to acknowledge all of the diversities in their classroom and create individual teaching plans for each student, especially when students speak different languages. Teachers must respect all students as individuals because each student can bring their own knowledge into the classroom. If teachers recognize this then they are able to incorporate this knowledge into the curriculum and classroom. Each child learns differently and teachers need to find each child’s point of need to succeed. Teachers should use students’ diversities and different languages as a positive factor in the classroom and create individual plans for each student to succeed socially and academically in the classroom. Some people might argue that creating an individual teaching plan for every student can take too much time and effort away from the curriculum and classroom. If teachers need to create and teach the curriculum, while also focusing on individual learning plans for each student it can become overwhelming. However, teachers should be able to figure out a way to teach the class efficiently while also benefiting each student on an individual level in order for each student to succeed. Individual learning plans are key to helping students thrive because every student has different personalities and learning styles. Language diversity can be a complex factor in the classroom and individual learning plans can help reassure each student feeling comfortable and confident. A comfortable learning environment is key in a diverse classroom because it is important for every single student to feel comfortable with their teacher and classmates with different languages and cultural backgrounds. Another way to make this possible is including the students’ families into the classroom “family”. Non-English speaking parents are just as enthusiastic and want the best for their children but sometimes have trouble connecting with the teacher and school because of a misunderstanding of language and culture. In the beginning of the school year it is necessary to have a meeting with all parents individually and as a whole. The first meeting between teacher and parent can be very influential towards the rest of the year. It is important to have an encouraging meeting in order to maintain a positive relationship for the rest of the year. If the parents feel comfortable with the teacher, then the child is more likely to also. The teacher should discuss sensitive topics like race; culture, ethnicity and language so the parents can give feedback to help the teacher better understand each child. If the teacher understands each child’s diversities then they are more likely to create a comfortable and positive learning environment. Teachers can ask parents key questions like, “How would you like your child’s ethnicity recognized in the classroom?” “What can you tell me about your culture to help be as respectful as possible?” “What language(s) does your...
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