Language and Cognitive Psychology

Topics: Cognition, Linguistics, Language Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: January 10, 2011
Language is a cognitive function that most of us take for granted. It starts from early on, some say at conception, and it develops in complexity as we get older. It is an essential part of communication and without it its development would be greatly hindered. This natural process requires complex structures and reasoning, the bringing together of sounds and words to develop concrete ideas and thoughts. In this paper we will discuss the components of language and how it relates to cognitive processes. Language and Lexicon

Our basic mean of communication among species and interspecies is thru language. Language enables us to communicate with each other, our thoughts and feelings, ideas and concepts, likes, and dislikes, fears, dreams and affirmations. Given our need to communicate, language comes in many forms based on species and its requirements. Babies talk the baby talk and babble; there are no words yet, but they are starting to communicate. However, language is not always verbal; people who are unable to verbally communicate rely on sign language or other means. Thus it can be said that in order to communicate with each other, as well as other species, we are able to do so thru the use of words, sounds, body movement and many other patterns if necessary. At every stage of our lives, we learn new forms of communication; we understand the meaning of words and the meanings and contexts in which they are used. Different cultures have different languages, sub-dialects, syntax and lexicon as well as all the vocabulary and grammatical components of each language. A lexicon refers to a part of the memory that acts as a dictionary. Thus, we can say that the lexicon organizes what is heard. The lexicon stores components related to words such as; pronunciation, spelling, and a part of speech (Willingham, 2007). The lexicon has a close relationship with language and its functions, and even though it does not identify word definition it does contain a pointer...
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