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What are the cause and effects of English as a world language and evaluate these factors

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Language is the carrier of culture and portrayal of cultural. Language and culture is inseparable. Each language have their own culture. In today’s, English as a world language has a seriously effect on the culture diversity. The radical cause is English is spread seriously in the world. People use English in their’s life and more and more people make English as second language for their daily communication. In addition, English has a high language status in the world, all of these phenomenons have many effects on culture heritage. This essay will have three parts : First, the cause of English as a world language. Second, what the effects on English as a world language. Finally, evaluate these factors and give some recommendtions for it.

In today's, English is the most powerful language on earth. More than 6 billion people in the world, English is the mother tongue of only 380 million people and 220 million people with English as a second language, one billion people are learning English, two billion people in contact with English(Fishman,2001). There have four causes for English as a world language which are British colonization、simolicity of language、business and media. First, in the World War II, as the winner with this war’s country such as the UK and America, these countries have many colonies and mother tongue which is English. With the colonial social and economic development, the people who as the colony will identify English is their first language, since then English is to be started with some kind of international flavor and gradually become the world's language. Second, it is original Germanic base has been mixed with the Roman vocabulary, giving it "the best of both worlds"--an extremely rich dual arsenal of expression unprecedented in history. (Jason, 2010). Moreover, sentenced translated from English into other languages take up at least 30% more space. English as the forefront of expression and just have 26 simple letters to mix up for make sentences can make people easier to study it. In addition, the communication between the power of the countries do not have their own language, they are communicate in English and business tycoons at a business meeting will use English as the first language and this is one of the reasons why English is the world language. Finally, more than 80% of the content posted on the internet is in English, such as American radio, TV programs, pop music and films (Fishman, 2001).People can see English everywhere. Objectively, English is the best language in the world.

The rapid development of the English had a serious impact on language diversity, English us language advantage to make culture domination, Looking back at the history of the rise and fall of languages, the Latin, Arabic and Russian have powerful in the world at different times, but English has become the world's most widely used Language in today. According to English as world language, in most countries, there has a phenomenon; people let them children to start learn English at primary school. Children learn English and at same time should learn their own language. Brown (2010) says “The USA’s economy has become the centre for international business and trade and therefore organizations want to develop international markets are required to also work and do business in English.” USA use language advantage、 Hollywood movies、pop music、foods and drinks to make change people’s life and values. In China, because English as a world language, the companies always check university students CET certificate to make sure people can speak English. When more than 30% children are no longer use a language of the time, the language is in danger of disappearing. These language features are the same, there is no good or bad, it can fully express the ideas and content, there is no reason that people use multiple and widely to make a language is higher than other languages, either to English. Language should be diversified; the world not just need single language. In addition, people can see English everywhere it is bad for protect multiculture. The spread of English caused great threat to non-English speaking countries traditional culture, the negative impact of the spread of English not only reflected in the cultural field, but also divided into two aspects: economical, political.

The good news is that many countries have realized the importance of protecting their own language and take some measures to do it. Many countries do not let children learn English all day, it is too young to learn English as a second language. Children should not spend more time on studying English. Therefore, Poland has developed a law requiring all companies must use Polish in every product specifications and many French people were strongly against the trademark and the Internet have too much English. In addition, Russia has issued an executive order requiring all products must have Russian translation. Maybe when people study other language should not pay money for that, it can make more interest for learning other language. People should change the mind, English just can make people easier to communicate, they should not forget their own language and own culture.

In conclusion, English globalization is a double-edged sword, on the one hand, a common language can facilitate the exchange and communication in people’s life, on the other hand, people give up using native language is threat to retained mother tongue. English influence in the world is undeniable and have the most widely user, but at the same time, people should not forget their own language and culture. Therefore, all countries in the world should make some resources to how to face the English and protect native culture. The government has the responsibility to protect the endangered language and develop local language. That is human’s common interests. This essay has argued the cause and effect of English as a world language and evaluates these factors.

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