Landfills: Recycling and Land Fill Site

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Land fill site

A landfill site is an area of land that is used to dump rubbish, either directly on the ground (land rising) or filling an unwanted hole in the ground (landfilling). We need landfill sites to dispose of rubbish that cannot be reused or recycled. New technologies are being developed to reduce the amount of rubbish that is sent to landfill each year; Energy Recovery Facilities (ERF) and composting.

There are many advantages and disadvantages in a landfill. Some of the advantages are: * Waste going to properly designed landfills can be processed to removal recyclable materials before tipping. * Properly managed landfills can capture the natural gas (methane) produced by the decomposing material underground. * Properly managed landfills can minimize and/or capture the leachate produced by the decomposing material underground. 

On the other hand, some disadvantages are:
* Landfills can pollute the water, the air, and also the soil. * It is difficult to keep dangerous chemicals from leaching out into the surrounding land. * Dangerous chemicals can spread into the water table or into waterways. * Landfills can also cause sicknesses, illnesses, and diseases which might spread in communities.  * Landfills can increase the chances of global warming by releasing methane, a dangerous greenhouse.

The design of the land fill site generally takes a vast amount of space. It must be large enough to provide years and years of garbage, plus being able to take in the waste of the entire town/city. Land fill sites are always closed so that garbage does not blow around, affecting the environment.

Now you might think that constructing a land fill site is just finding a hole to dump garbage. That’s quite wrong. The construction of a landfill site requires lots of consideration. Some things to put in mind are that the landfill must not damage a nearby human community by the mounds of garbage loaded regularly. If you get...
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