Lance Armstrong

Topics: Tour de France, Mao Zedong, Lance Armstrong Pages: 3 (1230 words) Published: April 24, 2013
How have you been positioned to respond to Lance Armstrong’s values and/or attitudes and include wider reading. Autobiographical texts convey a biased sense of reality and this is strongly influenced by the cultural background and life experience of the particular person conveying this view of reality. These texts can also identify a person’s values and attitudes. In the autobiographical text, It's Not about the Bike by Sally Jenkins and Lance Armstrong gives us insight to Lance’s personal life as we are exposed to Lance’s life of success, near fatal cancer, survival, recovery and triumph in the Tour De France. Lance’s values are evident throughout the text, such as Competition and Family which are evident through various textual features such as Descriptive language and Pont of view. Autobiographical texts have demonstrated representations, which portray obstacles in the main characters' lives to foreground the theme of struggling through obstacles to achieve their goals. In It's Not about the Bike, cancer is a strong representation of struggle in Lance's life and it is viewed as a terrible disease but not as incurable. Lance observes that "Cancer is the Tour de France of illnesses" but remarkably survives it, consequently positioning the audience to accept his belief that anything is possible. Lance Armstrong was at the peak of his career in early 1996. But his dream of riding for the French crashed on October 2, 1996 when he was diagnosed with advanced stage testicular cancer. The cancerous cells had spread to his lungs and brain and an urgent operation had to be arranged. Though doctors were not optimistic about his recovery, Lance never gave up. After all, he was trained not to give up so easily since young. His mother, a single parent had always influenced values of strong determination and persistence to him. Lance values competition, in a sense that he was determined to fight his illness despite the odds, which is evident through Descriptive language....
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