Lance Armstrong Impact on World of Cycling and Fight Against Cancer

Topics: Tour de France, Lance Armstrong, Eddy Merckx Pages: 1 (278 words) Published: October 27, 2012
to inform the audience why lans armstrong should be remembered as an example of hard work ,leadership success and inspiration for many to start cycling. If there is an athlete to be called the greatest in he definitely qualify for it. This after all is the man that was diagnosed with cancer and under 40% chance to survive but then won the battle against the cancer and the battle on the road with the bicycle winning record seven consecutive Tours De France.

Me just like many were inspired by Lance to begin cycling. It is sad how many athletes take their skills for granted and will not take the extra step and become better as Lance did or use their name and fame to help others. Hopefully even after all the allegations of doping that have no hard evidence will not overshadow his accomplishments and will continue to ispire many with his doings method of speech development

I want the audience to know about the impact in the cycling world that Lance Armstrong has left. to present everyone with the positives that he has left rather than focusing on the recent decision of the us doping agency to take his 7 tour de france titles for unproved allegations of doping. I will back up my point of view with facts ,interviews and testimonies. to support my conclusion I will present examples from his career as a cyclist and the man winning the battle against cancer that inspired many. I will explain about his willingness, hard work, and leadership that brought him support around the globe and good heart by helping many through his foundation that fights cancer
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