Lakme Cosmetics

Topics: Advertising, Marketing, Target market Pages: 35 (9544 words) Published: December 1, 2010
Executive Summery

Lakme is one of the cosmetic brands of the Unilever Bangladesh Ltd offers to the target market. The survey has been conducted to know cognitive components, affective components and behavioral components of the consumers in Dhaka city. Our sample size is 50. These respondents are from different professional such as Student, Housewife, Private Service holder, Public service holder and other professions. Among 50 respondents, 31 or 62% respondents are from the age of 16 years to 25years, 16 respondents from 26 to 35 and 3 respondents from 36 to 45 years and 31 respondents from 16 to 25 years use lipstick, 16 respondents from 26 to 35 years use lipstick and lastly 3 respondents from 36 to 45 respondents use lipstick. Maximum respondents are from lower higher class. According to our research 50% of the total respondents go to beauty parlor once a month, about 12% of the respondents go twice a month, 18% of the respondents go twice a week, 6% of the respondents go once a week, 7% of the respondents go not in fix time interval. 36% of the total respondents watch TV or movies. In case of buying habit 54% of the respondents buy lipstick once a month, about 18% of the respondents buy lipstick twice an month, around 12% of the respondents buy lipstick twice a week and 16% of the respondents buy lipstick in different occasions. The respondents are a bit colorful, Organized, Moderate stylish, changing oriented, a bit youthful, somewhat rational, a bit formal, like to dominate, little bit calm. The schematic memory of the lakme is quite positive. Respondents perceive the lakme lipstick as Hygienic, Modern Outlook, Long Lasting, Fascinating, Bright, Color, Elegance, Distinct, High Price, High Class, Prestigious, Assured Quality, Fantastic, Satisfaction, and Best Quality. According to perceptual mapping Lakme has a strong brand image than Revlon and Loreal. Since weighted mean of lakme is 0.326 and the weighed mean of Revlon is 0.562 Lakme is closer to Ideal brand than Revlon and thus attitudes toward Lakme lipstick very favorable than attitudes toward Revlon lipsticks. Lakme has favorable emotion towards its lipstick. As per our research about 54% of the target market use Lakme and most of them will buy it next time. So it reveals the positive behavioral components of attitude in the mind of the consumers. Finally Lakme can change the cognitive attitudes by changing belief, adding belief, shifting importance and changing ideal and through classical conditioning, mere exposure lakme can change the affective components of customers. And operant conditioning needs to alter behavioral components of the consumers.

Background of the Report: Our course instructor Mr, Farhan Faruqui has recommended us to prepare a report on Lakme which will be regarded as the term paper for the Spring 2008 semester on the 7th April 2008. The report was supposed to find linkage among real-life advertisements by Lakme lipstick and the theories taught in the classes of the course of Consumer Behavior.

Statement of the problem: the report will try to answer the following questions:

• Is Bangladesh Unilever Ltd, applying the theories of Consumer Behavior in their Marketing activities? • Are the methods effective?
• Do the consumers like their marketing activities?
• What is Lakme lipstick’s position compared to other brands? • What else Unilever Bangladesh Ltd could do to ensure future success?

Statement of Purpose: the report will serve the following purposes

• Defining the practical application of theories of consumer behavior evident in Lakme lipstick’s marketing activities. • Explaining the effectiveness of Lakme lipstick’s marketing activities. • Presenting a total picture regarding consumer feedback and responses. • Describing lakme lipstick’s position in the market. • Proposing few suggestions for lakme lipsticks that will ensure long-term success for Lakme.

Scope of the report:...
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