Labor Relations

Topics: National Labor Relations Act, Collective bargaining, Trade union Pages: 4 (2027 words) Published: July 6, 2013
MG240 DL Labor Relations
Research Assignment

1. Define the term “collective bargaining” and list and describe four issues that are mandatory components of a collective bargaining agreement. Collective bargaining is a process of negotiations between the employer and a group of employees in which terms and conditions of employment are decided. Employees are usually represented in bargaining by a union. The major subjects of bargaining are as follows, compensation, personnel policies and procedures, employee rights and responsibilities, employer rights and responsibilities, union rights and responsibilities, and dispute resolution and ongoing decision making. In the United States when the collective bargaining process results in agreement by both parties, the provisions of that agreement are written into a legally enforceable union contract or bargaining agreement (Budd, 2013, p. 11). The union contract or bargaining agreement usually last from one to five years with a three year duration being the most common. (Budd, 2013 , p. 235). A current example of collective bargaining is the situation between administrators at Wayne State University in Detroit Michigan and faculty members represented by the American Association of University Professors. Bargaining contracts were set to expire on 31 July 2012 and the issue at hand was tenured professors. School administrators are proposing to expand the faculty evaluation process not do away with tenure altogether. Allan Gilmour who is the WSU President sent an email to staff saying, “Faculty tenure is an important aspect of academic freedom, and we support it. But it cannot be a place to hide for those whose performance or behavior is poor (Abbey-Lambertz, 2012). Union representatives are saying administration is trying to do away with the protection tenure gives professors altogether. Professor Charles Parrish, union president told The Huffington Post, “This is an astonishing power grab by the...
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