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Gang Culture

There is growing concern in the UK about the rise of gun and knife crime linked to juvenile gangs. However, this problem is not confined to Britain, but has surfaced worldwide where disaffected and marginalised young people have formed gangs (intro – slightly adapt) breed community division Heale, J. One blood: inside Britain’s new street gangs Youth crime is simultaneously a social problem and an intrinsic part of consumer culture, young people not in work and education are labelled as antisocial and susceptible to crime.

The British Crime Survey states that the level of knife crime has remained stable in recent years. However, those figures are misleading and bear no relation to what is being experienced by people and police forces across the UK. Official statistics do not offer a complete picture of gun and knife crime because much of it – especially violence between criminals, and offences by children under 16 – goes unreported. More than one-half of young offenders polled felt that the police were unable to protect them from violent crime in their area. The laws governing offensive weapons are in a 'mess', with no legal framework dealing with knives and offensive weapons as a whole. (research method – official statisitics). Golding, Bob and McClory, Jonathan. Going ballistic: dealing with guns, gangs and knives. Policy Exchange, [2008] Magazine article

Taylor, Amy. The word on the street (preventing gang violence). Community Care, Nov. 22nd 2007, p. 20-21 DS shelfmark: 3363.598000 Reveals how former gang members are using their experience in one South London borough to talk to young people and prevent violence. Explains that the gang outreach service provides mentoring, counselling, a phone helpline and workshops
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