Lab Safety

Topics: Laboratory equipment, Accident, Laboratory Pages: 1 (377 words) Published: August 31, 2011
Laboratory safety is an integral part of any lab experience. If the participants are unkempt or precarious, they can easily cause a huge accident or even tragedy. When working in the lab, so many different hazards are faced. The rules of the laboratory are in place to ensure that one does not hurt themselves, let alone everyone else in the room or even the whole building. Each person needs to be responsible for themselves, while also watching for potential dangers others may not notice. The first huge rule in personal awareness is to be sure that you are not wearing anything baggy or dangling that may snag any of the lab equipment or create a hazard when using chemicals. It is important to make sure long hair is pulled back and that there is no food, gum, or beverage in the lab. Chemicals can easily be harmful. Gum traps chemicals that are being used, and can create a poisonous situation. The next set of incredibly important rules involves the usage of chemicals and safety and laboratory equipment. First, safety goggles need to always be worn when working with heat, glass, and chemicals. If a beaker gets too hot or cold, it could explode. A certain combination of chemicals could do the same. Breakage hazards can also be avoided by minding behavior and conduct in the lab. Horseplay and not respecting the environment can bring a higher possibility of danger to the equation. It is important to be aware of where safety equipment, such a fire extinguisher or eye rinse sink, are located. You never know when an accident will happen. Inspecting equipment and supplies before using them can also help avoid issues. If a glass beaker with a crack in it is exposed to heat or cold, it would easily shatter and burn or cut someone. If a glass container is moved from a hot environment to a cold environment, it could explode, sending shards of glass and chemicals through the air. Anticipating potential problems before they happen is imperative to safety. All of these things...
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