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Topics: SQL, Data Definition Language, Definition Pages: 4 (648 words) Published: April 23, 2014
Chapter 3 Setup Your Project
ACL in Practice

Name: Yvonne Reina P. TotesoraCourse & Section: BSA – 4CDate: April 16, 2014

NOTE: Rename or Save this file as your Surname4A_Ch3_prac and if you’re finished, submit it to \\b501-server under submit ---chap3 practice folder.

Points to Remember: An ACL project functions as a container for data. You import the source data into your project from existing data sources, such as Excel worksheets, text files, Access databases, dBASE files, and so forth. You import each data source as a separate table. Once you import the data, you can then analyze it. Data Definition Wizard is used to import data into your project.

In this chapter you accomplished the following tasks:
■ Creating a project.
■ Importing files into your project.
■ Saving your project.
■ Verifying the data in your project.
■ Documenting your work.

Start your project in ACL
Tasks: Create a project in ACL. Import your data files as tables. Other data import scenarios. Project: Create a new project--- Surname4A_ACL_Tutorial_Metaphor Tables:Surname4A_Credit_Cards_Metaphor; Surname4A_ Trans_April; Surname4A_ Unacceptable_Codes; Surname4A_ Company_Dept; Surname4A_ Employees; Surname4A_Acceptable_Codes

Create a project in ACL

Create a new project---Surname4A_ACL_Tutorial_Metaphor and click Save.

Import your data files as tables

Import the Credit_Cards_Metaphor.xls worksheet and save this file as Surname4A_Credit_Cards_Metaphor (Insert your answer here)

Import the Trans_April.xls worksheet and save this file as Surname4A_ Trans_April (Insert your answer here)

Import the Unacceptable_Codes.txt file and save this file as Surname4A_ Unacceptable_Codes (Insert your answer here)

Import the Company_Departments.txt file and save this file as Surname4A_ Company_Dept (Insert your answer here)

Import the Employees.csv file and save this file as Surname4A_ Employees (Insert your answer...
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