Lab Experiment 5

Topics: Liquid, Temperature, Solid Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: October 28, 2012
Title: Liquids and Solids
Purpose: The experiment will help determine two important physical properties, boiling and melting point, of liquids and solids.

Procedure: Before starting the experiment I gathered all materials appropriate for the experiment and prepare a safe environment for my experiment. I record the boiling point of the Isopropyl Alcohol and the melting point of powdered Acetamide with lab equipment such as the thermometer, capillary tube, beaker, test tube, and burner fuel. Data Tables/Observations:

Boiling Point of Isopropyl Alcohol| | | |
Trial # | Boiling Point(°C) | Percent Error %| Observations| Trial 1| 82.5°C| 0.12%| The Isopropyl Alcohol bubbled close to the opening of the capillary tube, so a small amount was poured out. | Trial 2 | 82.1°C| -0.36%| The Isopropyl Alcohol bubbled within the tube only.| Trial 3| 83°C| 0.73%| The Isopropyl Alcohol bubbled in the capillary tube.|

Melting Point of powdered Acetamide | | | |
Trial #| Melting Point(°C)| Percent Error %| Observations| Trial 1| 80.9°C| -0.12%| The crystals melted where they no longer had the form of crystals. After the cooling process they returned to the form of crystals.| Trial 2| 81.6°C| 0.74%| The same process occurred.|

Trial 3| 82.1°C| 1.36%| The same process occurred again. |
A. Knowing a substances boiling point and melting point could be beneficial because they are both important physical properties that could determine the identity of a substance. B. To determine the melting of a substance with a melting point higher than 100°C, one would place the capillary and test tube along with the thermometer in an oil bath rather than water because it boils at higher temperatures than water. C. Increasing the amount of crystals in the capillary tube would only increase the amount of space taken up both when it is considered in both the solid and liquid state. The melting point would...
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