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Lab assign
NETW310 Week 7 Lab Report

Answer each of the question listed below on page 2.

Create your report using the template starting on page 2 and submit it to the Week 7 Dropbox by the due date.Your Name: Marquis Hale
NETW310, Professor’s Name: John Tang
Current Date
Lab #7, Troubleshooting Network Problems

Lab Report

Each answer is worth 7 points.

Use a red colored font for you answers.

Place the answers below the questions.

Question 1
How long from the time the client issued the initial SYN did it take the server to answer with the SYN-ACK?
- 0.000187000 secs , Epoch time is 1338762701.1013955000
Question 2
In what frame is the first SYN that was issued?
- Occurs in frame 3 ,2 and 224 after adding the filters
Question 3
How long did it take the client to issue the ACK to the SYN-ACK?
- 0.027910 secs
Question 4
How long did it take the client to issue the first GET after the TCP 3-way handshake was completed?
- It took 0.000408000 secs and te Tie delta frame was 0.00408000 secs and the Time since the first fram is 0.027553000 secs
Question 5
What is the window size sent by the client to the server in the first GET frame?
Question 6
As the client receives data does the window size get smaller, stay the same, or get bigger?
Question 7
Does either end show a smaller and smaller window size as the frames go back and forth?
Question 8
Is the network Causing a problem?
Question 9
How many duplicate ACKs are there?
Question 10
How many of these are between the client and the server?

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