Turn Around Time Analysis for a Smear Result

Topics: Quality control, Sample, Randomness Pages: 4 (1223 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Turnaround times for results as a Component of quality assurance to National TB and Reference Laboratory (NTRL) Department of data and quality assurance – TB-HAART, National TB and Leprosy Program. By Denis Muwonge

Objective: As a part of a quality assurance measure for TB-HAART in microscopy, the analysis was conducted to determine intralaboratory components of turnaround time according to specimen type, and to compare the present data with results obtained 1year after implementing this analysis program. Design: Assessment of intra-laboratory turnaround times for microscopy reports in a sample of 800 sputum samples specimens received in the year of 2011.Comparison between the TAT preceding years and after the implementation of an improvement action 2011. Setting: Sputum specimens accessioned at the National tuberculosis and leprosy program. Study sample and participants. The sample was selected from the total number of microscopy specimens accessioned on specific days by applying a table of random numbers. Data were collected from the request forms, final report copies, and laboratory registries of turnaround time-regular points in years 2010 and 2011. Interventions: All relevant information concerning turnaround times was recorded following a standardized consensus between NTRL and TB-HAART. Main outcome measures: The basal determination for turnaround time for microscopy diagnosis for both years was 2 days. Results: The mean turnaround time for the 700 specimens in 2010 was 6.24 days (range 5-7 days), 800 specimens for 2011 was 2days (range 2- 4 days). Turnaround times varied substantially according to specimen type. The mean turnaround time for results reporting/results transmittal to the ordering physician varied between 5 -7days for 2010 and 2-4 days for 2011. The 2011 annual mean turnaround time for a total of randomized 800 specimens was 3.25 days as compared with 6 days for a total of 700 Randomized specimens in 2010. Background/ Body...
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