La Mesa Project Observation Report

Topics: Management, Project management, Employment, Strategic management, Customer service, Economics / Pages: 1 (109 words) / Published: Nov 10th, 2017
We would like to invite you for a meeting this coming Saturday, 11thNovember’2017 to discuss the matter pertaining to the delay in the preparation and submission of structural detailed drawings for the whole La Mesa Project, except for the Sludge Treatment Facility.

It can be noted that the original submission of detailed designed was 30thAugust’2017, however, DCCD were just able to submit the complete drawings including calculation on 25thSeptember’2017 (detailed drawings without calculation were submitted on 15thSeptember’2017).

SCIC’s objective to such meeting is to discuss and determine the causes of such delay and what are the action plans to recover the delay and move forward.

Please confirm your availability.

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