Cdr Sample Mechanical Engineer

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CAREER EPISODE 1 "Designing of the Side Arm Charger"

During the time I have worked at XXXXX since February 2001 for approximately 5 continuous years as a full time mechanical engineering expert I have been assigned several engineering design projects. One of the projects I have been assigned at October 2005 to work on was to design the side arm charger of a wagon un-loader system. XXXXX was selected as the designer and execution supervisor of this project. The wagon un-loader system will be installed in KHORASAN Steel Complex (; KSC) at Neyshabour.

The main purpose in KHORASAN Steel Complex is to construct a reduction plant in order to increase the amount of produced sponge iron to be used in the steel industries. This plant is going to be constructed within a period of 3 years. In order to supply the required oxide pellet, a railway is designed for the plant. Obviously, the major function of wagon un-loader system is to supply the required oxide pellet to the direct reduction plant. I would like to describe my job in this project in 4 different stages as follows: 1) Total Project Planning

2) Preliminary Studies
3) Detail Design and Engineering Documentation
4) Project Execution Planning
1) Total Project Planning
1-1) The design project was to be started at October 2005, so the project leader at XXXXX held an introduction meeting approximately at the beginning of September 2005 and the project organization was introduced to include: A project manager, An engineering coordinator and other discipline coordinators were electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, process engineering and fluid coordinators. The project leader also determined a time limitation of only 3 months for all design and engineering activities before implementation supplier selection. The credit for this part of the project was considered to be around 1.5 million euros regarding an offer received from a foreign engineering consulting firm out of a 150 million euros as the total credit for KSC reduction plant. 1-2) I was supposed to work under the supervision of the mechanical engineering coordinator accompanying with two other mechanical engineer and two CAD drafters as the mechanical engineering design team. In this project the mechanical coordinator assigned me the following tasks to assist him in the project: 1-2-1) Design the side arm charger

1-2-2) Communicate with other coordinators
1-2-3) Prepare the design project plan and predict the executive requirements and interfaces with other disciplines. 1-2-4) Prepare the cost/benefit analysis of the design
1-2-5) Attend the meetings as mechanical design team representative 1-2-6) Preparing and finalizing the project progress reports of mechanical design through teamwork. 1-3) Approximately about 3 working days later I held a meeting with the mechanical design team members and also invited the representatives of other discipline coordinators’ teams. In this meeting we discussed the mechanical design plan, and our overall estimation on design requirements of each individual parts and equipments. I asked about any available information resources and one of our team members suggested to have a visit of such similar systems active under operation in MOBARAKEH Steel Complex & BANDAR ABBAS Harbor. After assignment of design activities, I asked all team members on how to make effective and fast communications when required. Finally we decided to communicate with emails through our INTERANET and provide a flat network connection to inform each other and take the responsibility of each other activities with close relations and communications through a fully authorized friendly working environment. We also defined and agreed on our weekly technical meetings time. 1-4) I suggested providing such a mentioned friendly flat environment for work to my direct boss and he accepted and approved the suggestion. At the same meeting I suggested to communicate the project...
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