Kpop Versus American Pop

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American Pop Music VS Korean Pop Music

“I don’t care much about music. What I like is sounds” - Dizzy Gillespie

Imagine tickets being sold out in only a matter of 10 minutes across the globe in major cities like L.A., N.Y, Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul. But just who could be selling out concerts like this? Is it Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift? Actually try none, of them, the artist who are selling out these concerts in major countries around the globe are actually part of a growing phenomenon called Kpop which is short for Korean pop. Now I know what your thinking there’s no way this could be true, oh but it is. Take for example South Korean rapper PSY, recently released a music video for his song called “Gangnam Style” this song and music video are completely in Korean, but it has generated 400,000,000 view on his official Youtube channel alone becoming the 4th most viewed video in Youtube history. Shocking right what’s even more shocking is that you can even hear this song being played on the radio right here in S.C. on popular stations such as B93.7 and Hot 98.1. Now it’s clear from seeing this that Kpop is now quickly becoming a very popular genre of music not only outside of it’s originator South, Korea but even here in the United States and other countries around the world.

But just why is that, since the world’s biggest music market is here in the united states and the seconded largest music industry in the world is in Japan. Now one would think since Japan has the 2nd largest industry that Japanese pop music would be growing like this but it isn’t, it’s Kpop that is growing like this and the reason that I say this is Law 2

because Kpop is largely model after American Pop music industry. Which in all honesty is a very smart move seeing as how successful the American music industry is compared to other countries around the world. Even though it’s clear that Kpop has a lot of influence from American pop there is also a clear distinction that Kpop has that separates it from it’s American counterpart. Both American and Korean pop have to deal with how the artist become stars, and how they are promoted and last but not least what every singer, band or group needs to reach stardom which is of course their fans.
Well before we can talk about how singers in either genre are managed or promoted or how they gain fans, we first have to talk about how the artist become the singers we hear on the radio or whose music videos we can watch on Youtube. Now here the United States there are few ways to become a famous singer. One way you can achieve and is very quickly becoming the most popular way to become a singer is to audition for shows such as “ American Idol,” “ America’s Got Talent”, “The Voice”, and many other television shows where one has to display their singing talent on national television. And, usually the contestant that wins on these shows get’s a recording contract with some music company and get’s to release a song. This would have to be one of the easiest ways to become a singer in the American pop world. Another way to become a pop singer here in the U.S is the way Justin Bieber and duet Karmin became famous upload a bunch of videos of yourself singing on Youtube and maybe by some chance some music producer will see you and want to sign you to their company. Though this way doesn’t happen often it’s an option that is actually growing for music companies to find new talent, but it’s still not the most popular way. Law3

Now the last way is what you could consider be the old school way of becoming a pop star in the U.S. and that is simply you going to different companies with your own demo cds, mix tapes etc.. and giving them to companies and hoping that they like your music and the way you sound and you get a call back from one of them and get to sign with one of them.

While all of these are options to become a pop singer in the U.S market the Kpop way...
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