Korean Music Review

Topics: K-pop, Social network service, Korean wave Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: September 2, 2011
TITLE: The Korean invasion comes ashore
AUTHOR: Lim Jin-Mo
SOURCE: http://joongangdaily.com
Korea has been striving with excellence in their “hallyu wave” these days or better known as “Korean Invasion” not just in their popular koreanovelas but more on their music known as Kpop.
Kpop music is gaining worldwide recognition due to their popularity in United States, England, France, Japan as well as Philippines. Big thanks to Youtube, Twitter and other networking sites.
Kpop have been completely befuddled by the unexpectedly outstanding stage performance like their dynamic dance, good singing talent, and outstanding appearance, not to mention the attractive qualities of Kpop itself. There is no exaggeration to this Kpop fever at all because it has emerged on the international stage as a new trend in the music industry.

Kpop music is the new trend in the pop music industry. And its popularity is quickly spreading all over the globe.

Technology is a big factor to consider in scattering out magnificent talents. Social networking sites just like Youtube and Twitter are proven to be a way of searching through a pool of different talents. These sites are prominent sources of several outstanding people who can be place in the big screen just like our very Charice Pempengco. IDEA I DISAGREE WITH:

Though it is not directly stated in the selection, this Kpop invasion at some point cause to be a hindrance to us Filipinos to have a chance to explicitly reveal and build up our talents in music up to the next level same with the other countries like China and Japan.

In my standpoint, OPM songs and Filipino talents have a great chance and opportunity to be stars in other foreign countries as well. This Kpop invasion is slowly dwindling our patriotism towards prioritizing our own music style.

Well, music is a universal language and anybody can...
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