K Pop Forever?

Topics: Philippines, Golden Disk Awards, Super Junior Pages: 2 (497 words) Published: February 11, 2013
If you have heard Nobody by Wonder Girls and Sorry Sorry by Super Juniors, then you might know what K Pop is. K Pop or Korean Pop is one of the famous genres of music not only in South Korea, but also here in the Philippines. Every music channel in the television plays a K Pop song. What’s with this K Pop that made a lot of people, especially girls, become crazy with it? And if you’re thinking that this K Pop thing is for little girls only, think again. When asked why she loves K Pop, Darmie Coronel, 25, said “I like K Pop because i find their songs nice even though i don't understand all of its lyrics and they are cute.” Another K Pop fan, Fatima Reyes, 25, said “Kasi hot sila, tapos magaling sila sumayaw and maganda rin yung mga songs nila and catchy yung beat. These Fangirls say that K Pop has a catchy beat and most of all, have hot singers (In this I would agree that K Pop Idols are hot and good-looking). These fans love K Pop even though they do not understand the meaning of these songs. Hot? Good-looking? These are the reasons why K Pop started in the Philippines. K Pop in the Philippines somehow started when Koreanovelas started to emerge in Philippine television. Full House, which was aired in 2005, presented a hot and good-looking actor, Rain who turns out to be a K Pop idol. Since being aired in the television and being a hit, local music channels and FM channels started playing Rain’s songs which is able to enter the charts. Rain’s popularity made Filipinos become interested with K Pop which led to the emergence of Wonder Girls, Super Juniors, Big Bang, 2NE1, Girls Generation and many more here in the Philippines. K Pop here in the Philippines became stronger when Sandara Park, a product of a Star Circle Quest, became a part of a famous all-girl band in Korea, 2NE1. Also, because of the catchy beat of Nobody by the hot girls of Wonder Girls, the bad boy dance moves of the boys of Super Junior in their song Sorry Sorry and the sexy dance of the...
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