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Topics: Satyajit Ray, Kolkata, Shopping mall Pages: 3 (818 words) Published: April 25, 2010
KOLKATA The City of Joy as has been named by Dominique La Pierre has many different histories surrounding its birth.The theory that says that Job Charnok an English man was the father of Kolkata, changed with a high court ruling stating that Kolkata existed from the times of Mansa Mangal Kabya and Saborno Raychaudhuri one of the rich Babus of Kolkata.Some say that Kolkata got its name from the activities that the place was famous for.The place was famous for its Lime Kilns and the local name for the lime kilns was Koli and Kata and these two names joined to give us the name Kolkata.The English named it Calcutta and we renamed it Kolkata very recently.

Whatever be the history, Kolkata has evolved and re evolved.Just as Rome was not built in a day, Kolkata took more than 300 years to become the city as we see it now.

Kolkatans claim that ADDA is their copyrighted invention. The ADDA has no definite nature. It is a discussion of anything and everything. These Adddas are spread allover-in trams and in buses amongst commuters, in colleges and schools among students, in houses, in roadside teashops, office and college canteens and the local clubs.

Club culture brought in by the British has managed to stay on in Kolkata.Be it the local clubs which is sweeter than home for the local unemployed youths or the elite social clubs for the rich .The city is a foodie’s delight from the tasty and cheap street food to the various restaurants. The city also has food for an intellectual mind with the theatres, musical conferences, art exhibitions and the meaningful Bengali cinema. The city has the largest book market in the country. The College Street book bazaar is a book lover’s delight housing hundreds of bookshops. The Annual Book Fair is the city’s major attraction for international visitors too. The city is intellectual and has been the home for famous people like the brave Netaji, noble laureate Tagore and Amartya Sen, the famous scientist Acharya Jagadish...
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