Kolkata Metro Accidents

Topics: Rail transport, Rapid transit, Public transport Pages: 2 (414 words) Published: January 1, 2011
The Kolkata Metro Which is called the pride of Kolkata is the Underground Mass Rapid Transit Urban Railway network in Kolkata It was the first underground railway to be built in India, with the first operations commencing in October, 1984. It is run by the Indian Railways and is considered to have the status of a zonal railway. The line runs from Dum Dum in the north and continues south through Park Street, Esplanade in the heart of the city till the southern end to New Garia, the station bearing the name Kavi Subhas. But recently two accidents in the metro made a few scratches on the pride of Kolkata.

On 12th October 2010, nearly 2,000 passengers were trapped briefly when a glitch stalled a Metro train underground during the evening rush hour which led to a cascading effect disrupting services in entire north Kolkata. The Dum Dum-bound train from Girish Park, overcrowded because of the puja rush, came to a halt due to a glitch in the tunnel before entering Sobhabazar station and Metro Rail employees had to carry out an emergency evacuation of the 2000 passengers on board. Angry passengers went on the rampage at the Sobhabazar station and ransacked the ticket counter with the police making some arrests. As a result, services between Dum Dum in the north and Park Street in central Kolkata remained stalled for a long time. Metro services were normal up to Kavi Subhas station in the south. The disruption of the services led to further trouble with passengers demonstrating at Metro stations.

And only after one week on 19th October 2010, two coaches of a metro train derailed near Central station during rush hour in Kolkata at the morning, triggering panic among hundreds of office-goers and disrupting services. The cause of the derailment, which occurred in the morning, is yet to be ascertained, a departmental inquiry has been ordered into the derailment. Though no passenger was injured, some people complained of uneasiness as lights went off inside the...
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