Knowing Your Audience

Topics: Victim, Communication, Audience Pages: 3 (1060 words) Published: July 11, 2013
Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release
Knowing your audience is a very important aspect any time a company communicates information to a group or organization. Knowing the audience is even more important when a company has to deal with the fallout following a disaster. The disaster of the Chilean copper mine in South American is one example of where knowing your audience was a very important factor. In a Chilean copper mine, an unfortunate collapse in one of the shafts of them mine had left 33 miners trapped 310 meters (1017 feet) below the ground. The reactions of the company and their response to the disaster would ultimately determine how the world (their audience) would view them. It became very important that the company representatives who would release information and updates to the public know their audience well. The audience the company would be presenting to would consist of the releases to the press, news correspondence and most important, the families of the victims. Not only would the representative of the company have to keep the reputation and outlook of the mining company intact, they would have to release accurate and truthful information and that would not always be in the best interest of the company’s reputation. The collapse would not only affect the 33 miners trapped underground, the family members of those 33 men would have to wait in agony waiting on word of their family members fate. When a disaster of this magnitude happens, a company has the responsibility of keeping the family members informed every step of the rescue process, above the news and press. While initially the company may not have much information, it is important for them to update the families with as much information as soon as possible. This would include any information as to what is occurring in the recovery efforts. Next in line as far as who should be informed would be the employees of the company. While they may have not been directly involved...
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