Kitkat 4 P's

Topics: Kit Kat, Marketing, Chocolate Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Marketing tactics - the marketing mix of kitkat
Product strategy
 No matter how effective the promotion and packaging, a firm will find it very difficult tomarket a product which fails to satisfy a consumer need. Kit Kat owes much of itssuccess to a unique dual appeal - as a four-finger chocolate bar, (known in theconfectionery trade as a countline), sold at corner shops and newsagents, but also as atwo-finger biscuit sold in supermarkets. It is a product that has endured because of itswide appeal across the age ranges and to both sexes.Altering the actual product is potentially a very hazardous act for an established brandname as it risks altering the consumer perceptions of quality built up over decades.Tampering with the recognised core qualities could well damage the integrity of the brand. For Kit Kat, these intrinsic elements of the brand, or unique selling points includethe:•chocolate fingers•foil and band wrapping, unique in the countlines market and seen as an important featurewhich encourages involvement and sharing by consumers•well-known strapline - Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat.In spite of the risks of altering the product, the two finger bar and multipacks wereintroduced in the 1960s to meet the increased needs of supermarket shopping and morerecently, Orange, Mint and Dark Chocolate Kit Kats have been available for limited periods. In the third week that Kit Kat Mint was available, it more than doubled total KitKat Sales. The Orange Kit Kat proved particularly popular with sales of 38 million barsin just three weeks. It provided very positive market research results. While they are seenas novelties, they can also be used to provide reassurance and reinforcement of the coreattributes of the original established brand name.Special editions are used primarily as promotional tools. Market research has shown thatconsumers prefer special editions to be available for limited periods only and thatconsumers are likely to purchase the original Kit Kat at...
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