Kiser Processing Model

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H.S. Internship
Kiser Integrative processing model

I am going to use the integrative processing model developed by Kiser to better learn to better learn from my internship experience. The best way I can think of to do this so I am able to get the most out of this exercise will be done as follows. For each step Kiser suggest I will first explain the step using Kiser's word then my own, I will then follow the step and I will then explain why each step is useful. Once I am finished with the whole process I will then summarize how the model has helped me think about my internship.

Step I Gathering Objective Data From Concrete Experiences.
Kiser describes the process of step one by writing, "In you fieldwork, experience forms the basis for learning as each specific experience is an event from which learning must be extracted....... During the experience, as well as after the fact, you are gleaning information about the situation and about the behaviors, actions, and/or interventions of the various participants. To me this means to choose an experience that I have gained lots for knowledge from or had issues with and describe the experience without including my feelings based soly upon the events.

The event I have chosen to discuses is the phone calls which I was instructed to make to potential serve-a-thon volunteers. When being instructed on how to make these calls I was lead by a woman named Megan. Megan led me to a desk which was separated from the other callers. I was placed in a small room with one desk, a phone, and a computer. I was then given a sheet of paper with a script in it telling me what to say to a person who would answer then call and what to leave as a message. Megan told me it was self explanatory. She then gave me a binder filled with names and numbers and told me if I have had any question to come over and ask her. I agreed and made my first call with her standing in the cubical with me. The first call was very simple and straight by...
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