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Kindergarten Teachers

By misscrunchy91 May 04, 2013 564 Words

In this busy world, all working parents send their children to kindergarten. they are willing to spend a high expenditure for their child education. for that reason there have been so many kindergartens around Malaysia to cares to the rising numbers of children. kindergarten teachers are needed urgently to educate the children. However, Malaysians nowadays are dealing with the issue of whether or not kindergarten teachers have at least a basic degree. I totally disagree with the statement that says a kindergarten teacher should have at a basic degree. There a few reasons why a kindergarten teacher should not have at least a basic degree which include it can increase unemployment rates among Malaysians, they can deal better with children as compared to post graduated and government can pay a low salary to the teacher. The first reason why a kindergarten teachers should not have at least a basic degree is because it can increase unemployment rates among Malaysians. it is because when the government make the decisions that kindergarten teachers should have at least a basic degree, we must get to know how about to other citizens that have a low education such as SPM, and diploma. When there is no suitable job for them with their certificate, they will be increased the rates of unemployment. It will give much trouble to them for those will not longer to life without work will make a criminal such as robbed, rapped, and stole. it will increased the criminal cases in Malaysia. When they don't have a work, they will do anything 2 get a feed for their life. In addition, people who do not have a degree can deal better with the children as compared to people who have a high education. They can't accepted the comment and instruction from others. they think they have a good education and will do not need the coaching from others because they have enough education to be a kindergarten teacher. They always think they in a right way and will teach by their own. it may be a serious problem to our child because they will not comfortable to communicate with their teachers.

The last reason is our government can pay a low salary to the teachers. The government can use the money to other things such as build up the building and for education. the postgraduate will demand a high salary for the simple job which is a kindergarten teachers. It is because they demand based on their education level. They don't want to be a same level with SPM kindergarten teachers salary. It will different when we make a kindergarten teachers with SPM certificate, they will not demand a high salary for that on. They also can accept advise from others to make their lesson to our child more better.

Now, we know that the kindergarten teachers absolutely we should take from no basic degree. For the future time, the government must play a role to think about a low education level people. It is because when they do not have a job, they will give so many problems such as social life and criminals. We can avoid it with make them as a kindergarten teachers without think about their gender or education. By doing this, all the problems can we be overcome.

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