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Kimpton Hotels' EarthCare program brings the business's philosophy of environmental responsibility straight to its properties, starting with its pioneering Eco Floor at the Hotel Triton in San Francisco in 1994. Today EarthCare's efforts include:

* Using environmentally friendly cleaning supplies in all rooms. * Printing corporate collateral on recycled paper using soy-based ink. * Usring recycled paper for all printing property-wide.

* Serving organic, shade grown, and/or fair trade complimentary beverages in the lobby. * Allowing guests the opt out of towel and linen service. * Recycling of glass, bottles, paper, and cardboard through back of house operations. * Auditing and retrofitting back of house lighting to ensure energy efficient bulbs are in place. * Using low flow systmes for faucets, toilets, and showers. * Encouraging guests to recycle with in-room recycling bins. * Stocking the honor bar with organic snacks and drinks.

* Encouraging guests to donate unused amenity bottles to local charities. * Other practices, such as recycling coat hangers, eliminating styrofoam cups, using paperless checkin/out, purchasing organic flowers, and more. Kimpton properties are found in:

* Scottsdale, AZ
* Vancourver, BC
* Whistler, BC
* Los Angeles, CA
* San Diego, CA
* San Francisco, CA
* San Jose, CA
* Aspen, CO
* Denver, CO
* Chicago, IL
* Boston, MA
* Cambridge, MA
* New York City, NY
* Portland, OR
* Dallas, TX
* Salt Lake City, UT
* Alexandria, VA
* Arlington, VA
* Seattle, WA
* Washington, DC
* 1. Kimpton HotelsPresented by:GROUP 4Andrew Taylor, KirillCherepkov, Emily York, Alaina Alms,and Susan GrahamApril 23, 2009 * 2. Case QuestionsWhat further steps should Kimpton take to institutionalize its environmental commitments? ~AndyHow would you measure the success of the EarthCare Program, and how should it be reported to stakeholders? ~KirillWhat progress has Kimpton made in the four phases of its EarthCare Program sinc the case? ~EmilyWhat is the progress for each of the four phases? ~AlainaWhat is your overall assessment of their progress since the case? ~Susan * 3. How Would You Measure The Success Of The Earthcare Program?KirillCherepkov * 4. SustainabilityEnvironmental mgmt. (measuring success)Environmental audits (reporting) * 5. Environmental Mgmt. in PracticeMeasuring SuccessTop mgmt. w/ a commitment to sustainabilityLong-standing commitment…Phase 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 …Line mgmt. involvementLocal programsEmployee suggestions * 6. Environmental Mgmt. in Practice (cont.)Measuring SuccessCode of environmental conduct“Our Philosophy” Our philosophy on environmental responsibility is about more than contributing financially; it's about embracing behavioral change. This kind of change begins at home, is expanded at work, and now extends to who we choose to do business with…“EarthCare program … was the right thing to do.” - Tom LaTour, Chairman and CEOCross-functional teamsJeff Slye, Business Evolution ConsultantEco-champions, co-leads, and program specialists * 7. Environmental AuditsReportingSustainability report:PepsiCo savings:$250,000 per year in waste disposal…New business: “…$500,000 in meetings…” * 8. What Progress Has Kimpton Made In The Four Phases Of Its Earthcare Program Since The Case?Emily York * 9. Phase #1 Designed to make hotel staff comfortable with the concept of greener management.Energy Conservation: lighting retrofitted and audited to ensure energy efficient bulbs are in place Recycling: bottles, cans, paper, & cardboardCleaning Chemicals: tub & shower, glass,...
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