Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center

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Jessica Baumgartner
HE 210
Kimbrough Ambulatory Care Center
Kimbrough ambulatory care center is an Army base medical care center for most health needs. It is a facility in which all ambulatory care may be performed. This means it excludes emergency care and long term or overnight care. The facility houses Primary care such as Internal medicine which helps those with long term problems such as diabetes, cancer, and chrones disease to manage and monitor treatments. There is a practice for routine care, minor acute illnesses, pregnancy testing, prescribed injections, medicine refills and physicals. Another area focuses on family practice, Coumadin clinic, lipid clinic, and smoking cessation. The other primary care practices are pediatrics, vision and hearing, and a Warrior clinic which runs as an urgent care only it is not available 24 hours as normal urgent care offices are. Specialty Care services are also offered at Kimbrough such as anesthesia services, same day surgeries, laboratory services, musculoskeletal, physical therapy, podiatry, radiology and pharmacy to name some.

The services provided fit the description of outpatient care our book describes as all these services are available to patients who are able to come and go in the same day and do not require overnight or long term care. The hours of operation are day time as any clinic usually is. The differences with Kimbrough and general outpatient care is that Kimbrough operates all these services in the same building like a hospital where as off base you have so many options on where to go and who to see and location is important because you may be sent to many places to receive all the services that Kimbrough encompasses. Kimbrough is a military unit and houses their own insurance within the hospital so those in the military and their families know they can be seen by all practicing out of this facility. It is much harder to find locations outside of the military in which can accept...
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