Kill The Messenger Essay

Esther Bae
American Corrections, Soc 147
Professor Fishman
November 16, 2014
Kill the Messenger tells the story of the tragic death of Gary Webb, the controversial newspaper reporter/journalist who committed suicide in December 2004. The film depicts the events of Gary’s investigative journey, as a way of exploring the truth behind government secrecy and crimes and pushes to better reveal the bad nature of the American system. The film begins with an ironic video of Richard Nixon calling drugs “public enemy Number 1”; this is followed with several other clips of various presidents backing up the claim. The main protagonist, Gary Webb, an investigative reporter for San Jose Mercury, is introduced to the story as a journalist who investigates the War on Drugs. During this time, Gary is handed a grand jury transcript by a woman named Coral, who allows him to take a first hand look at the already made connection between drug lords and the American government. Already looking to verify the drug connection between the Nicaraguan rebels and the CIA, Webb’s early inside look at the grand jury transcript allows him to start on his story about the crimes committed by US regime and outside forces. Webb alleges that the CIA was aware of major dealers who were smuggling cocaine into the U.S., and had used the profits to arm rebels fighting in Nicaragua.  By putting forth light onto the cocaine subject, Webb puts himself in difficult and dangerous positions in regards to his workplace and with the people associated with the government and drug cartels. Although his story is told in a series known as the “Dark Alliance”, his story loses factual foundation as other larger and powerful associations try and bring it down. Although Webb fights the hard fight to bring attention on the wrongs of the justice system, he is emotionally and professionally shut down by the end of the film. The film ends with another set of clips that premiere officials of the government denying...
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