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Topics: KILL, Friendship, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 2 (501 words) Published: October 11, 2013
Ben Twite

Mr. Rydberg

English 9/ Hour 7

November 20th 2012

The Short Tales of “The Sniper” and “Cranes”

War is a cruel thing that goes on all around the world. Whether it’s the United States, Africa or China, war affects everyone. For example like in the stories “The Sniper” and “Cranes” the war affects family, friends, and peace.

In “The Sniper” the main character goes on a sniping mission to kill an enemy in Dublin, unaware of whom the “antagonist” was, he goes on with the mission as if it were a regular task of his branch in the military. As the battle goes on, guns fires are shared between the two in the mist of the night. Through the night, the sniper gets shot by the enemy sniper on the rooftop. He pretends to be dead, and then when the enemy sniper becomes comfortable, he takes out his magnum and shoots, it was a perfect shot, and he died. He goes to check on who the enemy is, dives by the body while being shot by the machine gun, rolls over the body, and it’s his brother.

In “Cranes” Songsam finds his childhood friend Tokchae at the jail in Chongdan. He asked the police officer who came with him from Chontae what it was about. Songsam and Tokchae shared looks but Tokchae quickly averted eyes with Songsam. Songsam went to talk to Tokchae in jail, repeatedly asking him who he killed. No reply. He had the gun at his side, ready to shoot. Finally he asked if he was married, he said yes he was married to Shorty. Songsam helped Tokchae escape from jail. When they were kids, they created a crane trap, and caught a Tanjong crane, they heard about the neighbors getting the permit to shoot them, so they set it free, they thought it got shot when gun shots were made, but then it flew away in the blue sky. Later when they are crawling in the weeds they decide to go crane hunting. They saw some fly by and got ready to shoot.

“The Sniper” and “Cranes” of some things in common and some differences, for example, they both have to do with a...
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