Kikkoman Corporation

Topics: World War II, Kikkoman, Marketing Pages: 2 (563 words) Published: April 5, 2007
•The case in discussion is about the Kikkoman Corporation of Japan. They are the oldest and most recognized producers of soy sauce in Japan. The company's vision statement is that of contributing to the exchange of cultures through similar tastes and flavors. •This case deals with the issues of the soy sauce industry and the challenges that the Kikkoman corporation faced keeping up with the globalization of the market for soy sauce. Their market share has always been strong in the industry, yet the industry demand is slowing down. They are in serious need of revising their business strategy to suit an ever changing world market. •The company has always been about meeting the needs of the customer and this has helped them remain as the top producer and distributor of soy sauce in the world. Their commitment to the customer has helped them on their vision of facilitating the exchange of culture through similar tastes and flavors. •The Kikkoman Corporation of Japan operates out of Noda Tokyo, Japan. This has been the headquarters throughout the companies' history. They also have a manufacturing plant in Walworth, Wisconsin in the US. •The Kikkoman Corporation has faced many challenges in its 400 year lifespan. They major setbacks faced by the company include World War I and World War II among many others. This company has continued to revise their strategy to suit the demands of the market. •The information in this case is first hand information from the Kikkoman Corporation themselves. This makes the analysis of this case easier by that we know the numbers and figures are correct. •The problems faced by the Kikkoman Corporation are those of the need to diversify their product line to meet the needs of consumer demand. They also need to be able to gain market share, which has flat-lined, in order to stay competitive. •The symptoms of this are the falling of market share in their home country, Japan. They also have seen the need to expand their global market...
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