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German Empire was created in 1871 by chancellor Otto von Bismarck. History dates back to holy German Empire (962-1806AD). The Reichstage, or elested parliament, had only a limited role in the imperial government. Post 1945: WW II Divided Germany in 2 parts: West Germany (Rish Germany) and East Germany (Poor Germany). Berlin: capital of Germany was also divided in 2 parts by way of “Berlin wall”. Location: central Europe. Area: 357,104 Km2. Inhabitants 2008: 82,2 Million. Capital City: Berlin. State System: Democratic-Parliamentary Federal State. Administration: 16 States. Time Zone: central European Time (CET). Currency: 1 Euro = 100 Cents. Gross national income: EUR 2,529.78 Billion. Telephone country code: +49. Power Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz. Federal Republic of Germany (constituted of the United Germany on 3 October 1990). 3 level of Government:. Federal: bicameral with the bundestag (federal assembly) and the bundesrat (federal council) Both responsible for national Laws, eg: taxation. States (Laender): own constitutions, Governments and parliaments- Running of own facilities, eg: Education and Hospital. Local: Relatively Large power, eg. Leavy Business Tax Legislation

Bicameral system : In Addition to the bundestag, The Bundesrat ( consisting of delegates Of The State Government to upload the states Interest) Participates in Legislation. State structure
Germany is A federation consisting of 16 Federal states, Each with its own constitution, parliament and Government. The highest state Authority is Exercised by the federal Government through the agency of the bundesrat, The States are represented at The federal level and participate in federal legislation. Suffrage: Universal, Equal and Secret suffrage as of 18 year of age (In The Case Of Municipal Elections In part As Of 16), Election to the Bundestag Are Held Every Four years. PESTEL: Economical

Largest Economy in Europe. Fourth Largest By Nominal GDP in the World Gross GDP =...
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