Kfc Strategy in China

Topics: Chinese New Year, Culture of China, Overseas Chinese Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: February 18, 2013
KFC: continue to increase localization, pushing spicy Sichuan chicken Various cities in China Kendejichuan spicy chicken on television ads starting from October 27 .10 scale appears, the product was launched. At the same time to market a product in China have another breakfast food, wolfberry Pumpkin porridge. The introduction of spicy Sichuan chicken only in the McDonald's "face" strategy of one month, and advertising intensity is very high, so we can respond to competition as this is a response to KFC. KFC continues the current strategy is clearly its long-standing localization strategy. Let us look back to his food with Chinese characteristics. Since 2000, KFC tastes have continued to try to figure out people, the introduction of a typical Chinese products, such as a half fried wings, mustard pork soup, cold Daoxiang mushroom rice, chicken roll of old Beijing, Guangdong, cushions chatter meat flavor. Average Each month, KFC will launch the long-term or short-term localized products. KFC The "Sichuan Spicy chicken" learn the essence of Sichuan, the choice of the side ribs and chicken wings, chicken processing into small pieces of bone, and then use a special "hot pepper powder, chicken marinade," preserved, upon frying , spicy and delicious, with rich flavors of Sichuan. KFC seems to have been determined to make China's eight major cuisines are the reorganization. In other aspects, the pace of the same compact localization Kentucky. 1, KFC in China, the proportion of local procurement of raw materials reached 95%, of which bread, chicken and vegetables all come from China itself. 2, 2003 Chinese New Year, from early January to February 9, white beard, "Kentucky grandfather" changed the usual "suit," the classic image of more than 170 cities in China, 800 restaurants, also put on the traditional Chinese holiday costumes. 3, the layout of KFC's stores have begun to melt a lot of elements such as China. Of course, more Chinese people speaking, turns KFC...
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