Kenya Essay

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Freshman Studies 101-09
November 30, 2009

In section three, also known as Kenya, starts off with Barack Obama being on a plane heading to Nairobi to visit the family that he never knew. Before Barack Obama goes to law school, although Barack Obama Sr. is now deceased, he still decides to start his trip to Kenya to confront some things that needs to be confronted. This is when Barack Obama’s journey comes full circle. In the process, he found much love and attachment from people that he barely even knew.

It is in Kenya, where Barack Obama finally gets the chance to meet the African side of his family. Barack Obama also confronts the bitter truth of his deceased father’s life. Although it may have been hard for him, he still found a way to stay strong and go through with it. It is here in Kenya also where Barack Obama finds out that his deceased father has at least four wives whom he all had children with. This meant that Barack Obama now has a whole bunch of brothers and sisters whom all lives in their deceased father’s shadow until now. Now this is the point where Barack Obama began to bounce from family member to family member in order to piece together the puzzle of his deceased father.

During this journey in Kenya, Barack Obama is accompanied by Auma, whom is his half sister that he previously met in section two, also known as Chicago. It is on this journey that Barack Obama tries to come to terms with the complications of his family ties, his identity issues, his family culture, his human flaws, and his family failings. Traveling through a country racked by real bad poverty and tribal issues, Barack Obama discovers that he is strongly attached to a lot of his siblings whom is living an ocean away from him.

It is in Kenya, where Barack Obama and Auma visit with one of their grandfather’s wives, Granny. It is Granny who tells Obama about his deceased father and his deceased grandfather stories while Auma is left in the background...
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