Kenny's Bookshop Case Study

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Table of Contents

Executive Summary3
Market position3
Customer base3
The Base Problem4
Problem Management service in Kenny’s Bookshop IT environment4 Organizational /Managerial responses, changes4
Business Information System changes5
Benefits and drawbacks6
Comments, proposals7

Executive Summary

Kenny’s Bookshop is a unique bookshop with new, out-of print and rare books, antiques, and arts available via on/offline stores. The company has a leader position in the Irish market and a relatively large market share globally. The secret of this small family business’s success lies in the finding of the market niche in this industry and the usage of the most appropriate computer program.


Market position

Kenny’s bookshop belongs to the Catalogue and Mail Order Houses Industry which is experiencing rapid growth in market share with the global spread of the internet usage As Kenny’s delivers internationally, the range of competitors is very broad.

Customer base

Most significant customer group of Kenny’s are people with Irish origin in the US mainly. Consumer groups include libraries, specialists, collectors, universities, other shops, private persons etc.


Kenny’s Bookshop was established in High St, Galway in 1940 by Des & Maureen Kenny. It is Ireland’s biggest online bookstore, selling new, out-of-print and rare books, antiques and arts. Five of Des and Maureen’s six children and three of their grandchildren now work in the family business. In total, the company employs nearly twenty people.

Kenny’s operated as a traditional business throughout decades, but as they were always innovative they adapted the ‘bricks and clicks’ business model as the internet started to emerge in the 1990’s. During the implication they had to face the fact that their system was not appropriate. This was the major cause of Kenny’s problems, but also the driving force of innovation.

The Base Problem

Although Kenny’s Bookshop was one of the market leaders in the bookstore market, it had problems with the cataloguing of the large volume of books in the warehouse. Only 1/10 of the total amount of books were catalogued, which means that 900 000 books could not be sold as these were not present in the catalogues. If the company wanted to sell these products all of the books had to be on a computerized database. The problem was solved by introducing a new cataloguing system which would be able to work faster and more precisely and offer higher level of service. Furthermore the company wanted expand to new markets, so the database must be easily operable by international customers.

Problem Management service in Kenny’s Bookshop IT environment

Problem Management is the ongoing service concerned with minimising the impact of problems affecting the availability and services of the service delivery environment, whilst minimising expenditure of resource and maintaining the highest level of client satisfaction.

The main problem in the case of Kenny’s bookshop is related to the broadening of the computerized database of books and being able to catalogue other product groups besides books. The responsibility of Problem Management process is to identify, document, analyse, track, and resolve all of these problems in the IT environment of the company.

The employment of a good IT expert of a contract with a program developer company seems to be a good solution for this IT derived problem. The lack of computerized database was solved with the employment of process management consultancy. With the help of Business System Selection Kenny’s was able to easily identify its requirements, build tender documents and based on the responses, select a vendor that best suited the needs of the company and finally resolve problems.

Organizational /Managerial responses, changes

As Kenny’s faced all the...
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