Kelly Services Memo

Topics: Outsourcing, X86, Offshoring Pages: 2 (612 words) Published: January 15, 2012
To:District Supervisor
From: Project Team Group C
CC: Group C Project Team
Re:Target Group Recommendation
Good morning and warm greetings. I am emailing you this memo on behalf of Group C and to inform you on our collective decision on whom the chosen company should be as it relates to the solicitation of our services for this upcoming quarter. We have collectively chosen the Intel Corporation. Group C believes that this company would be a perfect target group to offer our expertise services too. Our services would not only meet the staffing needs, financial needs but also the professional needs that the company strives for. Intel’s staffing needs come in many different categories. They are constantly looking for talented individuals to fill the positions for corporate services, finance, IT, manufacturing, sales and marketing, engineering, human resources, software, and materials, planning, and purchasing. Some of these job positions are outsourced, depending on what each project calls for in terms of production costs and manufacturing demands. The Intel Corporation has been outsourcing production since the early 2000’s, with assembly and test facilities in the United States, Malaysia, Costa, Rica, China, and the Philippines. In fact, Intel is to launch the first microprocessor for the mass market that it has developed almost exclusively at its design centre in Bangalore in a milestone for the research and development of computer hardware in India (Leahy, 2008). Of course, Intel’s decision to outsource specific projects depends on many factors, such as production costs and labor. "It's not just services and software that India is known for but this shows you also can do this kind of complex research and development and product design here in India," said Praveen Vishakantaiah, president of Intel India (Leahy, 2008, p.2). Not only has Intel outsourced large product designs to India, but they’ve tapped into the Asian market, as well....

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