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Katniss Everdeen was born on the 8th of May in District 12. Katniss is sixteen years of age with straight black hair, olive skin, and gray eyes. She is thin and not very tall, but is strong for her size from hunting to feed her family. Her characteristics are the typical of the Seam (Panem) - the poorest area of District 12, where she resides. Panem is located on the continent once known as North America, which was destroyed in a global catastrophe. Panem is run by an all-powerful city called the Capitol, located in the Rocky Mountains, which is surrounded by the 12 districts, each district has a specific purpose in supplying something to the Capitol. She has been the sole provider of food for her family since her father died. She provides by illegally hunting beyond the fence in District 12. Katniss is very skilled with a bow and arrow and is very independent. She is a survivor. Katniss's father, a coal miner, was killed in a mine explosion when Katniss was 11. After his death, her mother went into a deep depression and was unable to care for her children. Katniss's mother slowly surfaces from her depression and is able to return to her job as an apothecary (pharmacist). Primrose (Prim) is her younger sister whom she remains adamant. Prim is "the only person she's certain she loves.” She befriends Gale Hawthorne and together they provide for both their families and develop a strong friendship. The baker's son, Peeta, burned two loaves of bread, knowing that he would be told to throw them out and give them to the pigs he gave them to Katniss instead. She took them home to her family, who had not eaten in days. The bread gave them hope and kept them motivated, leaving Katniss feeling resentfully indebted to Peeta. Katniss is an independent survivalist, lethal, but good at thinking outside the box. Katniss's past hardships (her father's death, mother's depression, and near starvation) have made her a survivor, and she will endure hardship and hard work to...
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