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AGI Environmental Awareness Series, 4




George Veni
Harvey DuChene

With a Foreword by
Philip E. LaMoreaux

Nicholas C. Crawford
Christopher G. Groves
George N. Huppert
Ernst H. Kastning
Rick Olson
Betty J. Wheeler

American Geological Institute
in cooperation with
National Speleological Society
American Cave Conservation Association, Illinois Basin Consortium National Park Service, U.S. Bureau of Land Management, USDA Forest Service U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. Geological Survey

George Veni is a hydrogeologist and the owner
of George Veni and Associates in San Antonio, TX.
He has studied karst internationally for 25 years,
serves as an adjunct professor at The University of
Texas and Western Kentucky University, and chairs
the Texas Speleological Survey and the National
Speleological Society’s Section of Cave Geology
and Geography
Harvey R. DuChene, a petroleum geologist
residing in Englewood, CO, has been studying
caves throughout the world for over 35 years; he is
particularly interested in sulfuric acid karst systems
such as the Guadalupe Mountains of New Mexico
and west Texas.
Nicholas Crawford, a professor in the
Department of Geography and Geology and
Director of the Center for Cave and Karst Studies
at Western Kentucky University, has written over
200 articles and technical reports dealing with
groundwater contamination of carbonate aquifers.
Christopher G. Groves is an associate professor
and director of the Hoffman Environmental Research
Institute at Western Kentucky University. His current
work involves development of geochemical models
to understand carbon cycling within karst landscape
and aquifer systems. The Institute, hoffman.wku.edu,
is working on a variety of cooperative karst-related
research and educational programs.

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Ernst H. Kastning is a professor of geology at
Radford University in Radford, VA. As a hydrogeologist and geomorphologist, he has been actively studying karst processes and cavern development for
over 30 years in geographically diverse settings with
an emphasis on structural control of groundwater
flow and landform development.
George Huppert is professor and chair of the
Department of Geography and Earth Sciences at the
University of Wisconsin at La Crosse. He has been
active in researching karst management and
conservation problems for over 30 years. He is also
a life founding member and Vice President for
Conservation of the American Cave Conservation
Rickard A. Olson has served as the ecologist
at Mammoth Cave National Park for the past seven
years, and has conducted cave-related research on
a variety of topics for the past 25 years. Most of his
research efforts have been motivated by cave and
karst conservation needs.
Betty Wheeler, a hydrogeologist in the
Drinking Water Protection Section of the Minnesota
Department of Health in St. Paul, has been studying
karst groundwater processes for 17 years. She...

References: Huppert, George N. 1995. “Legal Protection for Caves.” Environmental Geology,
LaMoreaux, P E., W. J. Powell and H. E. LeGrand. 1997. “Environmental and Legal
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