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November 15, 2013
Hill’s like White Elephants
In Hill’s like White Elephants, Ernest Hemingway uses his “Iceberg theory” to display the theme that is involved with the two characters within the story. Hemingway uses the “iceberg theory” within his writing to engage a reader into deeply connecting the narrative to the theme. The girl in the story talks about the hills that “look like white elephants” in front of her to relate back to her decision (Hemingway). Hemingway shows the two life-changing effects of an . The other shady and dark side of the hill represents not keeping the baby and pursuing the operation. In between the lines of this casual conversation is actually an undergoing decision on both the positive and negative side of an abortion. This decision-making theme, is represented by symbols such as the white elephants, the hills, their drinks, and the train station.

First of all, the hills that the American and the girl are looking at while sitting at the train station introduces the fact that the girl is pregnant. These hills can be in reference to the girl’s belly, and the obstacles they need to overcome in order to fulfill their decision. While the American is having doubts about having this baby, the girl is somehow not really worried about what exactly she wants to do. She refers to the hills that lay out in front of them to “white elephants,” (Hemingway) the American then replies saying “I’ve never seen one.” (Hemingway) It is said that white elephants are rare creatures, and very expensive to keep. People who own white elephants spend a numerous amount of money just to keep them healthy, and alive. “A white elephant is a burdensome possession: creating more trouble than it’s worth.” (Gary, Martin) The symbolism behind the white elephants comment, proves that the girl wants to keep her baby. She is simply hinting to the American that she is in control of her decision whether or not it may be a burdensome for her. Hemingway makes it clear...

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