Justin Sport

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Assignment: write a 5 paragraph paper (1 paragraph= 3-4 sentences) about yourself by answering EACH of the following questions. Points Possible: 50 pts. (10 pts. For each 5 sentence paragraph.) 1st Paragraph: Where you are from? What is your family like? Who are your friends? What are they like? Why are you friends? I’m Justin sport I am from Kansas City Kansas born and raised. My family is very friendly we love to cook out watch football and baseball together, we love to play baseball, it’s are number one sport. My friends are the people that will have your back no matter what even if you’re wrong they talk to you about personal things. My friends are like fun, outgoing, athlete, etc. we are friends because they are there for me when I need them and everything. 2nd Paragraph: What are you like? What are your interests, goals, and dreams? What is one thing that you are truly passionate about? I am very outgoing person, funny, athletic. My goals in life is to graduate, and to go to the Marines 3rd Paragraph: What has your school experience been like? Who was your favorite teacher and why? What do you like about school? What do you dislike about school? 4th Paragraph: What do you hope to accomplish here at Endeavor? What are your goals? How will you accomplish those goals? 5th Paragraph: What should I know about you as your teacher? How can I help you succeed? How can we work well together?
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