Justification of a Scheme of Work

Topics: Education, Learning styles, Educational psychology Pages: 4 (1584 words) Published: October 19, 2012
Justification of Scheme of Work
A scheme of work is the overall programme of study. It may last for example, one week, ten weeks, or two years. It is merely a breakdown of the whole programme into smaller chunks based on your frequency of your meetings with learners. (Wilson Practical Teaching 2008 p68) The selection and sequencing of topics reflect on the 6218 curriculum set by the awarding body, the curriculum is a Basic Construction Skills course built around various practical tasks for which there are unit credits attached to obtain the qualification. I first begin with easier tasks leading up to more advanced tasks as the course progresses. This theory is reflected in Bloom's Taxonomy which is a classification of learning objectives within education(Appendix 1) for The Bloom's Wheel which makes planning a more structured process. The topics are put together into a sequence which makes it easier to assess a learner’s ladder of learning through the course. Progressive small steps aid the learner into not becoming too overwhelmed by the tasks up ahead. To begin my scheme of work I must first look at the curriculum I am teaching. Marsh (2006) traced curriculum origins to its Latin roots which means ‘race course’. Indeed in many ways the curriculum is very similar to a race where there are a series of obstacles that need to be achieved in order to gain a qualification. The importance of my scheme of work is to design it to make the teaching of my subject more manageable over a period of time. There is no set method for developing a scheme of work as people adapt it to their own way of teaching, but what must be agreed is the importance of accurate schemes to guide subject delivery within FE. Inclusive learning

The SOW can also be seen as a planning tool, a way of marking course delivery by determining the prerequisites for moving on. The use of resources within the scheme of work must promote inclusive learning and a scheme may specify the material that...
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