Just Wanted to Say I`M Sorry

Topics: Seven Pounds, Woody Harrelson / Pages: 3 (698 words) / Published: Dec 11th, 2012
The ends justify the means. We live in a world where it is ok to be uncaring towards others, where being Machiavellian is an ultimate goal for almost everyone. No forgiveness, no redemption. Machiavelli`s highly ranked book “The Prince” is being taught in every school and strongly recommended for being the key to success. It is a book I would personally ban from every institution, and instead I would teach about “Seven Pounds”, a movie where we can learn more about how a successful man can make an ultimate sacrifice in order to make others happy. It`s a fine work directed by Gabriele Mucino after the story written of Grant Nieporte. With Will Smith in the main role, a brilliant actor who has over forty awards in his acting career and another sixty five nominations, this movie will present a life experience viewers never seen before.
The story is simple and yet confusing, the happenings are well presented and yet in an order that puzzles everyone until the very end. To some the opening may be boring; they may even fall asleep after the first twenty minutes of watching it.
It starts both confusing and shocking at the same time, as we find the main character reporting to 911 his own suicide. The scene suddenly changes, and lets us wonder about the first few minutes. It could have been a bad dream or just something that might happen in the future. We then learn about Ben Thomas, an IRS agent, who apparently selects random people for unknown reasons. He screams over the phone to Ezra (Woody Harrelson), a blind meat seller then follows a heart diseased female, Emily (Rosario Dawson), and offers her help in tax collection. We slowly learn about all the characters of the movie, but without knowing their exact role in it. Dan (Barry Pepper), Bens` best friend is trying to avoid contacting him about some medical exams, and later the brother looks for Ben, concerned about something he recently lost and would need it back. There are flashbacks showing his wife, but without

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