Julius Caesar

Topics: Julius Caesar, Assassination, Ides of March Pages: 2 (511 words) Published: May 22, 2014
Tyler Massey
Ms. Lindsey
English Period 7
Julius Ceasar history vs. play
In all actuality Shakespeare portrayed Julius Ceasar very closely in his play to what it really was in real life with only a few slight differences and also in the play the stroy is shortened down quite a bit from what really happens after Ceasar is assassinated. For example in the play Caesar is portrayed as a noble hero that is struck down by his "allies" without much of a reason. In reality Caesar was power hungry, cruel, devious, ruthless, and extremely ambitious which may have been why he was one of histories greatest military generals. Although in both the play and real life the citizens loved Caesar because he was a strong and powerful leader. In all honesty, his assassins had very good reason to fear him being their emperor.

One big difference though was that not all the characters were part of ceasars death and many of the characters never even met or had a relationship with Caesar. An example of this would be Brutus. In the play Brutus is protayed as a best friend of Julius Caesars and are very close with eachother where as in real life Brutus hated his guts and was one of the people that wanted him dead. There is a few other slight differences with the characters but none of them are as big a difference as this so I'll leave those out.

One other difference that I noticed myself and not from the pamphlet we had to read was that Caesar ,in the play, was stabbed 33 times by only 20 Conspirarators. In real life Caesar was stabbed 23 times by 60 conspirarators which is a pretty significnt amount, but really who cares? He dies either way by being brutally stabbed in both stories and thats what really matters in both stories.

Both the play and real history make Ceasar out to be very arrogant and think of himself to be above everyone and from what we know about Ceasar seems to be very true. In the play he always seems to turn down everything offered to him and...
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