The Differences Between the Tragedy of Julius Caesar from the Book and the Movie.

Topics: Julius Caesar, Roman Republic, Augustus Pages: 1 (367 words) Published: December 10, 2011
Name: Lidor Hayun
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The differences between the tragedy of Julius Caesar from the book and the movie.

In the story of “the tragedy of Julius Caesar” There are a few differences between the movie and the book. Sometimes throughout the movie they will cut parts of the text because people wouldn’t want to see a movie if it’s too long, but sometimes the editors would cut out very important parts of the text, which can change the entire story, or how we look at a character personalities. There are a few examples where the movie changes parts of the texts. For example, in the movie we see Cassius waiting and hearing the conversation that Casca had with someone else, and then Cassius just comes out and pretends he had just arrived, and he acted like he didn’t know Casca was there but he actually did know. This changes of how we think about Cassius.Is less trustworthy then we will think he is in the book, because in the book the text doesn’t say that Cassius was there until he talked. For another example in the beginning of the book everyone was celebrating Caesar’s return home, and Flavius one of the senators tells the huge crowed to leave before him and Marbullus were about to have a private conversation. In the movie Flavius just goes up to Marbullus like he doesn’t care about the crowed that surrounded him, and that makes him look more private in the book then it is in the movie. Last example is showing that Cassius is different in the movie then in the book. In the book he talks about how heroic he was for saving Caesar’s life (he saved him from drowning), but in the movie it skips all of that and he just complains about how Cesar is a “God” and how he saved him. These three examples can just give you (the reader) and idea of how the slightest changes from the book and the movie could change the entire story, or makes different Characters personalities and traits look different to us in so many ways.
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