Topics: Radio, Television, Radio spectrum Pages: 4 (1002 words) Published: November 29, 2013
July 8-11 2013

The first week of my On the Job Training (OJT), we welcomed by the employees of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC). I felt nervous and excited because it is the second time that I will have my OJT. In the first day, Ma’am Coleen Cas oriented us all about the NTC, the works, the vision and mission, their principles, and what they offered to clients. She also tours us in the office, meet and greet with other employees. I felt also pressured that I can’t finished what the assigned tasked they will give me. Ma’am Colleen asked us of what can we contribute to their company. We said that we can make Website and Data Management System/Information System for them. At that time we did not wasted the time; I downloaded the software that we are going to use for the tasked to finish. I downloaded XAMP use as database in website, Wordpress use as tools for creating website and Visual Basic 6, tools for creating the System. I also used to file records in the records section. I also do scanning and photocopy of several documents. As week gone by, I consumed my time in downloading and uploading themes and pictures, designing the website, editing pictures using Photoshop and installing programs. It is hectic week for me and my co-OJT. Our minds were drained. We are all tested. We practiced what we learned from school and we applied to it. A good week for our OJT.

July 15-19 2013

Its second week of my OJT and I already adapted to the environment of NTC. Last week I was tasked to bring Windows 7 operating system to reformat one of the technical staff computers. I started the week reformatting personal computer. After reformatting, I downloaded drivers and programs and installed it so that the PC will completely operational. In the afternoon, I encoded communication documents. I used to file and sort documents in the records room in Tuesday and Wednesday. I also help to test their new equipment like the flat screen television and...
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