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Topics: High school, Syracuse, New York, Education Pages: 2 (607 words) Published: January 21, 2014
Guy Johanson
#1: Letter of Introduction

My name is Guy Johanson, and I am a sophomore Music Education major at the Setnor School of Music. I am originally from Liverpool, NY, just outside of Syracuse. I have been involved with Syracuse University since the time I was in middle school participating in youth ensembles playing the French Horn and the Oboe. Currently I am a member of the Syracuse University Marching Band, Tau Beta Sigma (the national band sorority), and am usually playing with many ensembles around campus. I work at Old Navy in Destiny USA during school breaks, while during the school year I work at the Cathedral Academy at Pompey as an after school music program teacher. My strongest skill that I possess, I believe, is my ability to time manage. Throughout the past year and a half, I have learned to balance 19+ credits, sorority involvement, and working two jobs during the year.

Writing class in my life has always been centered on analyzing mediums such as books, articles, movies, poems, and other things of that nature. The analysis would always consist of considering both viewpoints of an argument: what the author is saying and what the author is contrasting his or her viewpoints with. In addition to this, I have always been expected to incorporate my own thoughts on the subject of analysis. I feel as if I am a very good formal writer on serious subjects, and a not-so-great writer when it comes to talking about my own opinions and thoughts on an open topic. The best writing that I have ever done and was very proud of was the final paper for my Music Education philosophy course last semester. For this assignment we were expected to research a certain pedagogy, write about it, and synthesize our own pedagogy from what we had learned about that semester about all of the different pedagogies. Over the years from my first actual writing course in 9th grade, writing to me has developed from something I did to please the teacher into...
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