Jonathan Hoefler: Design And Typography Industry

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For over 25 years, Jonathan Hoefler has made his mark on the design and typography industry. Johnathan was born August 22, 1970 in New York. Throughout his childhood, he was described as “fascinated by codes and ciphers of all sorts” (Riechers, "2013 AIGA Medalist: Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones.") Hoefler is a self-taught designer who has worked with many different designers and art directors such as Roger Black. He self-taught himself computer programming. In 1989, he opened Hoefler Type Foundry where he created typefaces such as Knockout and Hoefler Text. These typefaces can be seen used in the Mac operating systems and the iPad. He also has sold typefaces to Harper’s Magazine, Rolling Stone, and the New York Times Magazine. He …show more content…
Together they built upon Hoefler’s existing company and rebranded it Hoefler & Frere Jones. Together these designers had many typefaces that have been used for many companies such as Coca Cola, Nike, and Starbucks. Together they won AIGA Medal in March of 2013. They created the typeface called Gotham that has been used all around New York as well as magazines such as GQ. Unfortunately, a legal matter between the pair resulted in Frere Jones leaving the company after accusing Hoefler of “the most profound treachery and sustained exploitation of friendship, trust, and confidence” (Brownlee, Type Stars Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones Settle their bitter lawsuit) It was sad to see the split of the duo because of their creativity together. Hoefler moved on with the company and rebranded it Hoefler & Co. The most recent typeface to be released out of Hoefler & Co is Operator. This is a monospace typeface that has been created with website coders in mind. This typeface makes it easier because it helps a programmer notice errors in the code. The typeface is carefully crafted around the spacing of brackets, commas and semicolons. This typeface can be used in any color and has italics for the more important characters that developers need while coding. The cost of this typeface is

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