John Calvin Research Paper

Topics: Protestant Reformation, Christianity, Catholic Church, Protestantism, Martin Luther, Pope / Pages: 5 (1007 words) / Published: May 6th, 2016
John Calvin (1509-1564), was a French Theologian, he brought deep changes to the Reformation. By 1530, Went to Geneva to help the city split from the Roman Catholic Church. But Calvin’s reforms were not welcome by those in power, and he left the city in 1538. When he returned in 1541, he instituted radical reform into the church structure and exerted religious authority over the state. His reforms quickly became known as Calvinism and spread throughout Europe, where they heavily influenced Protestant reform. Known as the Father of Reformed Christianity, not meaning that he started the “Reformation” no that was more Martin Luther. There was this very distinguished thing that made Calvin the time of reformist, where Luther wanted to just …show more content…
Beginning with (T) Total Depravity, that us as human beings are un able to choose God, we are unable to use free will, unable to evan freely accept God Grace. There is nothing that we are capable of doing, its ALL God. Next, (U) Unconditional Election, we might ask, why isn't that we didn't get to choose the “Elect” and the thing is that its unconditional. It has nothing to do with anything about you, people are burning in hell but its nothing personal. Working in a school it would be like me walking in 1st day of school, before the kids even walk in, taking my roster and being like okay, “these 5 are going to be my favorites”. In this election people did nothing to earn it only God mercy will result in them being elected. Then, (L) Limited Atonement, while the Catholic Church was teaching that Jesus died for EVERYONE, Calvin believe that the atonement of Jesus was ONLY for the elect. As for the rest of the world, “Sorry, nothing personal”. Next, (I) Irresistible Grace, we can summarize this as “Resistance is Futile” (Star Trek reference sorry LOL). With God you can not resist “you WILL be saved”, the Grace is irresistible, once God has tagged you, and it doesn't matter what how anger you are you will not do anything evil. Because God has elected you, and you are going to be better then that, not of your own will but because God has elected you. Finally, (P) Perseverance of the Saints, because God elected you, there is nothing you can do to lose it. God elected you and He will never change His

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