Apush Chapter 3 Outline

Topics: New Netherland, Netherlands, Dutch West India Company Pages: 4 (725 words) Published: September 9, 2013
A.) The Protestant Reformation Produces Puritanism
Martin Luther denounces the authority of the priests in 1517 and spurred religious reform throughout Europe which spread for more than a century.
John Calvin elaborated on Luthers ideas.
a. Calvinism became dominant theological ideal throughout various religious sects such as Puritans, Scottish Presbyterians, French Huguenots, and the Dutch reform Church. b. 1536, Institutes of Christian Religion. God all powerful/all good, humans weak and wicked due to sin.
Calvinists ideas developed in England around the time that King Henry VIII broke ties with Catholic Church in 1530's and became head of Church of England
Led to creation of the Puritans

B.) Pilgrims End their Pilgrimage to Plymouth
Most famous congregation of pilgrims fled from Holland in 1608 for religious freedom as purified Protestants. a. America was a religious refuge
b. Under Virginia Company gained rights to settle from the Crown. Mayflower, sixty five days at sea, missed destination and landed off coast of New England 1620 with 102 people. a. Captain Miles Standish: Indian fighter and negotiator later on b. Chose Plymouth Bay as final stopping point, outside domain of Virginia Company, becoming squatters without legal right to land Mayflower Compact

Only 44/102 settlers survived first winter in America Plymouth not important politically or economically

Bay Colony Bible Commonwealth
1. Separatist Pilgrims extremists, “purest puritans”
a. Sought to reform the Church of England
b. 1629 parliament sanctioned anti-Puritan persecution of Archbishop William Laud. 2. Non-Separatist puritans secured charter
3. Massachusetts Bay enterprise was thriving.
a. expedition 1630, eleven vessels carrying almost a thousand immigrants...
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